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What are the operating hours of Starbus?

Buses operate from the City to the Airport

from 5am to 9pm.

Our first Bus departs Melbourne Airport at 6am and the last departs at 9pm, if you arrive outside these hours we will be unable to assist you.

Reservations Centre open between 6am to 9:30pm.

How often does the bus depart from Melbourne Airport?
Our buses depart from Melbourne Airport on average about every 15 minutes between 6am – 7pm and then every half hour until 9pm which is our last service.
Where will I be picked up or dropped off at Melbourne Airport?
Our driver will drop you off at the Groups and Charters bus stop, this area is in close proximity to all terminals. You will only need to walk a few minutes to get to your flight.
What do I do should a problem arise?
Help is close at hand, call (03) 8378 8700 and we will assist.
Do I have to change buses en-route like the other shuttle services?
No, Starbus is a door to door service.
Can I negotiate a better price for a group booking?
Yes we are extremely keen to win your business. For example, if you charter an 11 seater bus a with luggage trailer, from the Airport to the City (CBD) or vise versa our prices start from as low as $140 each way. This must be organized at least 24hrs in advance & a Credit Card will need to be provided to secure the booking.
Does Starbus Melbourne Airport Shuttle only service Hotels?
As long as you are located inside our serviced area’s we will pick up or drop off anywhere. We offer a pickup or drop off service to any address whether that be a House, Apartment, Business, Air BnB and more. While this service is available to most suburbs, in some area’s Starbus doesn’t offer service to the whole suburb and to avoid confusion we offer pickup or drop off to designated locations only.
What if I don't have a PayPal account?
That’s an easy one, simply click the pay by Credit Card option on the payment page and that will allow you to complete the payment just by using your Credit Card.
What areas do Starbus service?

Starbus services Melbourne Airport, Melbourne CBD and the Inner Suburbs surrounding Melbourne CBD up to about a 5km radius. Suburbs we service include, Carlton, Parkville, East Melbourne, West Melbourne, North Melbourne, St Kilda, South Yarra, Docklands, Southwharf, North Carlton, Southbank & more. Using

Using Starbus’s Melbourne Airport Shuttle Service is a much more cost-effective option when compared to Taxi’s and the travel time is less than catching other services such as Skybus.

Does Starbus service both domestic and International flights?

Yes we do!

All terminals at Melbourne Airport are located a short walk from the Groups and Charters bus stop which is where our buses pick up and drop off. Depending on the Terminal you need the walk is only between 1 – 3 minutes from the terminal to our bus. Call us on (03)8378-8700 once you have collected your luggage and we will give directions to your shuttle.

All terminals at Melbourne Airport are located a short walk from the Groups and Charters bus stop which is where our buses pick up and drop off. Depending on the Terminal you need the walk is only between 1 – 3 minutes from the terminal to our bus. Call us on (03)8378-8700 once you have collected your luggage and we will give directions to your shuttle.

Where will I be Picked up and Dropped to for my Hotel?
Our driver will Pick up and Drop you off at the entrance to your accommodation or as close as parking availability will allow. If you are being picked up from your hotel, we ask that you are ready and waiting at the front door of your hotel so our driver can locate you easily.
How long does the Melbourne Airport Shuttle transfer service take?

That depends on where you need to get to, or be collected from. The average is 1 hour but may be up to 1 hour and 15 minutes or as little as 45 minutes. Please see the estimated travel time when booking.

In comparison, a taxi will usually take anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes to get you to the Airport and the recommended allowance when using Skybus is 1.5 hours. Traveling on Starbus is for the most part up to 1 hour traveling time which isn’t too bad considering the savings are roughly 60% of a taxi fare and sometimes more.

Can I book a shuttle in an emergency?
Yes, we are extremely flexible and will try our best to accommodate you, however we cannot guarantee this. We recommend you book 24 hours before.
What does the 20 minute window mean?

As we offer a shared shuttle service we obviously need to collect other passengers from other locations. To achieve this we book everyone on the same timeslot and our driver using his extensive knowledge of shortcuts and traffic conditions will work out the best route to get everyone on board as quickly as possible. We find that on average this process takes up to 20 minutes.

So let’s say you booked for at collection at 10am, if you’re the first stop then great our driver will be there right on 10am but let’s say you’re the third stop, our driver will probably arrive about 10:10am to 10:15am. If you’re the last stop your driver would generally arrive between 10:15am & 10:20am.

Sometimes due to difficult traffic conditions, our drivers will need to make a last minute change to their route and that’s why we can never guarantee which stop will be you until everyone is on board.

Due to the 20 minute window being in place, it’s vital that you are ready in front of your property at your allocated booking time, waiting for our bus to arrive. If you are not ready, our drivers can only wait at each property for a maximum of 2 minutes to not inconvenience other passengers. If you can’t board the bus in that time we will have no other option than to continue without you. In this circumstance, your ticket will be forfeited and ineligible for a refund.

Please be ready, we don’t want to leave you behind!

Has Starbus had a price increase?

Well, the short answer is yes. We know no one likes a price rise, right!

We strive to bring our customers high-quality Airport Transfers at a great price but with ever-increasing fuel, Toll and Airport parking prices we have been left with no other option than to increase our fares by a couple of dollars. We have kept our prices as low as we could for as long as we could, this is our first price change in 6 years.

Please remember that we are a Door to Door service, we don’t simply drop you off at a train station and our drivers are happy to take care of your luggage.

We will also be running regular promotions on our social media accounts and in our newsletter with huge discounts that in some cases will end up giving you a better price than ever before, so make sure you like our Facebook or WeChat page and Subscribe to our newsletter so you won’t miss our promotions.